We believe that every phone should be repaired, whether it’s to get a few more years out of your trusted iPhone, fix one up to sell or fix an old one as a gift. A new screen or battery for that old phone that’s been sitting in the drawer for months is a cheap way to upcycle and keep electronics out of landfill! We also believe that advice should always be free so if you aren’t looking for a repair but just need a hand, give us a call!
Some phone repairers will use cheap methods and parts to repair phones. To the untrained eye, all may appear fine, however, more problems may arise later. Our trained phone repair technicians only use quality parts and we provide a full 6 months warranty.
We only use a professional UV bonding method for glass replacements, making it work and look like a brand new phone. Some phone repair shops will use double-sided tape, which allows dust underneath the glass and loss of touch sensitivity. We source reputable after market spare parts and also offer genuine parts as an alternative. Both your repair and any refurbished iPhone or Galaxy phone are subject to rigorous testing before being allowed out of our workshops.

Phones we repair
-Apple Ipad
-Apple Iphones
-Sony Xperia
-Samsung Galaxy

Here at SOS Phone Repair and Accessories we’ve been in the business of repairing mobile phones for many years. Our continued success has enabled us to branch out into the repair of other associated products such as iPads, Tablets, Macs, PC’s and Laptops. We can assist with any hardware or software related issues, from data recovery and virus removal to hardware replacement and upgrades. Call us today to see if your brand is covered by our service.

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