By submitting a booking for Casual Mall Leasing and upon acceptance and payment of that booking, you provide your acceptance of the following terms and conditions for Casual Mall Leasing at Ballina Fair Shopping Centre:

  1. All displays must be of a professional standard producing quality store presentation for both the product and the centre
  2. All signs must be professionally produced. No handwritten signage will be accepted
  3. Unethical products such as counterfeit goods or goods made from endangered animals, or dangerous to the environment will not be
    allowed to be sold in the Centre
  4. Centre Management reserves their rights to accept or decline any booking
  5. Centre Managements decision on all bookings will be final
  6. Height restrictions of 1.5m apply for all site displays and no A-frame signage is permitted
  7. All electrical equipment will have current test and tag certificates
  8. Only two staff are permitted to work per Centre site, including trainees and managers
  9. Staff must not approach or greet customers outside the lease line
  10. The Lessee, their staff, contractors or its representatives are not permitted to smoke in the centre
  11. The Lessee shall not in any way obstruct the free movement of customers in walkways, entrances, shop fronts, service corridors or fire exits
  12. The Lessee shall not hinder the general view of any tenant’s shop front. Displays must be in the boundary of the allocated site spacing area
  13. The fixtures must in no way cause permanent damage or disfigurements to the centre flooring or property in any way
  14. The Lessee shall be responsible on completion of the hire to remove all fittings, equipment and other items from Ballina Fair Shopping Centre and make good any damage caused during the lease period
  15. The Lessee must at all times maintain the casual lease area in a clean and respectable state; removing all rubbish daily
  16. The Lessee must set up and dismantle their display outside of the Centre’s core trading hours as nominated by Centre Management
  17. For large set ups, the Lessee is to liaise with centre management to co-ordinate bump in and bump out requirements
  18. The Lessee must  provide evidence of Public Liability Policy for a minimum of $20,000,000.00 valid anywhere in Australia
  19. A valid certificate of currency must be forwarded to info@ballinafair.com.au when the booking has been accepted
  20. All prices quoted are inclusive of GST and are subject to change without notice
  21. Seasonal lease loading fees apply
  22. All fees due and payable must be paid at least 7 days prior to the booking commencement. Failure of payment will forfeit your booking
  23. Casual leasing staff are required to park in dedicated staff parking areas only
  24. All Retailers including Casual Mall Leasing are required to trade Centre Core Trading Hours.

  25. The Lessee will indemnify Ballina Fair Shopping Centre, Centre Manager and Lessor (R.I Property Fund Pty Ltd) from and against all claims, demands, losses, damages, costs and expenses for which the Centre may become liable in respect of or arising from the casual leasing
  26. The Lessee will cover their own insurance over their property and employees and public risk. The Centre’s Insurance policies do not extend to Casual Leasing
  27. The Lessee is responsible to see that the purpose of the leasing complies with all statutes; ordinances or regulations issued by any
    Shopping Centre indemnified in respect of all such matters
  28. Ballina Fair Shopping Centre, through its Centre Manager or Marketing Manager, reserves the right to terminate the agreement at any time without notice.
  29. A cancellation fee of 25% will apply should the booking be cancelled within 48 hours prior to commencement date
  30. The Lessee is to adhere to the Centre Rules at all times (copy available on request from Centre Management)
  31. These Terms and Conditions were last updated in August 2021